viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

Misadventures of an student of english

Hi there!

(Damn this is so weird, but anyway, let's do this)

I'm a french student, currently living in Madrid. I study english literature which i love so freaking much. I decided to study my second year of literature studies abroad and suddenly i was on a plan on my way to Spain. I have met many people in here but i have to tell you about the owner of this blog. 

He/She (doesn't like to give any clue about its identity bc he/she says that what really matters in here is literature not our lives) is a amazing human being. During my first week in Spain i was so lost i cried almost every single day: i couldn't find a proper place to stay, i didn't know how to open a bank account... And this amazing person helped me with every little thing i had to manage. 

As you may have guessed i don't know much spanish. Honestly, i don't even know how to speak or write english properly so this person told me that i could practice my comunication skills by writing on this amazing blog. At first i told him that i didn't want to ruin the blog with my awful english but eventually he convinced me to give this a try. I'm gonna be posting some book, music, filmss or Tv series reviews in here in order to being able to introduce myself to you. 

I only ask you for something. If any of you guys know english, i beg you to correct every single mistake i may make in my posts: spelling mistake, wrong grammar structures... So yeah, thank you guys for reading this and hope this works. BYE!


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